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Flash animation, music and videos,
virtual reality 3D, and more—in a PDF? Yes!

Watch a 15-minute video about the book.

Acrobat documents “converged” with dynamic media, such as audio, video, and interactive content— it’s the wave of the future and it’s called rich media. Do you want to get your video and audio content out into the world in a more convenient way than on the Web? Are you looking for a way to share rich-media content with the broadest possible range of readers?

Print publishers, advertisers, educators, and anyone else who’s ready to leverage the power of PDF and Adobe Reader can benefit from learning about the possibilities of this new convergence technology.

In the first book of its kind, rich-media PDF pioneer Bob Connolly presents an eye-opening overview of the world of dynamic media PDFs that contain video, audio, and interactive elements.

Eleven case studies illustrate the nearly limitless potential of rich media. And the best part about the book is that it practices what it preaches, with a fully interactive rich-media version of the book on the accompanying CDROM. Readers can experience first-hand the power of rich-media PDFs through interactive animation, videos, and audio.